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In addition to helping artists promote albums, Indy seeks to reshape the way people see the entertainment industry by breaking down stigmas with her media content. After living in Germany for a year touring and performing with the Gloria Gaynor band and touring in 2007 with her legendary dad Frankie Smith (of Double Dutch Bus fame), she returned home with a new focus on behind-the-scenes aspects of entertainment. In 2007, she started her career as a radio personality, and today she is the co-host of New York’s 107.5 WBLS with Lenny Green.  She is also a respected author and professor of psychology, working towards her PhD in Psychology from Saybrook University.  Direc

Indy's Lens is a one stop shop for individuals trying to live authentically.  Indy's years of experience in the media and entertainment industry have taught her valuable lessons of staying true to yourself and remaining authentic to your core values.  Now she helps others live authentically through her individual coaching, group workshops, podcast, and books.

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