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Wellness Support

A respected name in the entertainment industry,

Indy Smith has earned a reputation for utilizing her

media platforms, both radio and magazines, in helping artists, authors, and entrepreneurs.

As a Wellness Support Coach Indy has created a style of engagement that combines spirituality, emotional intelligence, and experiential experiences, designed to

help a person understand and implement supportive life choices. The concept of living authentically comes from working from within oneself to foster a consistent and stable life.  Together, we will identify who you

are and what your core values are.  Then we can

begin helping you live it!

Wellness Workshops

Indy is excited to provide the opportunity to work with her in a small group setting.  You lead the conversation and share whatever you are comfortable with while Indy moderates an environment of active listening and support.  Perfect for classrooms and team building.


Indy offers advice and tips to ask

the questions that will lead to finding and keeping the right person. Enhance communication skills; look within; identify common interests; learn to compromise; and manage major life events together with respect. Why Ask … Because in Love Sh** Happens!

will help you build stronger relationships.

Public Speaking
and Webinars

Indy is available as a speaker, host, or panel moderator for your next retreat or conference!  Learn how authenticity and active listening can change your life and your relationships with the people around you.  Send us a message to inquire about Indy's availability for your event.

Indy also hosts online webinars that are safe spaces to deal with adversity and find support in the day to day challenges of life.  Topics such as grief, roadblocks, self-acceptance, and family dynamics are regular themes among Indy's webinars.  Please join our mailing list to stay up to date on

upcoming events!

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